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"I-I’m not!" Chekov ran his hands through his hair.

"Well, you’re not being very pleasant either." Tamura snapped back, crossing her arms.

“The same could be said for yourself,” He quipped. His brow furrowed as he tried to remember the catalyst of this argument.
“Hmmph.” Tamura hummed out, pouting. Switching to two hours of sleep for beta shift was a difficult transition for both of them, apparently.
Chekov rubbed his temples and sat at his desk. “Why are we arguing, again?”
“I—…” She began fiercely, but quickly dropped her tone, realizing she had no idea why. “I— I don’t remember…” She sighed, cradling her head in hands for a moment, then quietly adding, “…Sorry for yelling at you…”
The Way Kirk Looks at Spock

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"Clothes are still in the…" he made vague hand gestures as he looked for the word, still leaning carelessly against the door frame of the washroom. "… Dryer! They’re in the dryer. You’re home earlier than I expected." he said, like the fact that she’d come home to find her house-guest buckass nude because it had taken him longer than expected to figure out how to work the washing machine.

“… You act like you’ve never been to a mall…”Tamura mumbled, searching through the shirt rack, making appropriately disdainful faces at particularly ugly patterns. She pulled out a few selections: solid colored shirts, a few tee shirts, then pulled some jeans that looked about his size out then handed them all to Wolf. “Here, try these on.” She flashed a smile to him.

"There aren’t any ‘malls’ at home." he said as he watched her pick out clothing for him. He looked the stack over in his arms, before setting it down and quickly removing his jacket and moving to remove his shirt.

“Wh-What’s your problem?!” Tamura hissed, reddening slightly at the flashes of familiar scars across his chest. She quickly grabbed his arms, forcing his shirt to go back, then pulling him to and pushing him into the dressing rooms. “St-Step out when you try I the first shirt, I wanna see it!” She called, grinning gleefully despite the fact that he couldn’t see her.

You look so beautiful in this light, your silhouette over me, the way it brings out the blue in your eyes

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These screencaps are 100% for science I swear. 

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 For people like us, the journey itself… is home

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Spark your curiosity with Fire, Amazon’s new smartphone, and discover the world around you. See Firefly technology at work, only at AT&T.


Spark your curiosity with Fire, Amazon’s new smartphone, and discover the world around you. See Firefly technology at work, only at AT&T.

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