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Send “Little thing” and my character will tell you something as a child. 



"Jared’s going to kill me if it is."


       ”Maybe we pressed the wr-wrong button?”

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yeoman-tamura asked, ""Whose baby is it?""


"What baby?"



"Just…walk with me. You’ll see."

"O… Kay? My break ends s-soon, though…"

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Awkward Dinner Party (closed) 



The idea that Tamura spoke to others about him was strange, and his eyes widened incrementally in surprise, before returning Tamura’s smile warmly. He took the indicated seat with a slight creaking in his joints- he hadn’t had time to maintain them with the strain they’d been under the last few days. 

"The crew members in quarantine have added oozing to their list of symptoms today, which was not unexpected, though it was hoped otherwise; the fungal growth has continued unabated, however." he said, cheerfully. "We’re trying a more aggressive type of antibody stimulation, which should be effective, if the side-affects aren’t too severe." He stopped, glancing at his wife with a worried expression. "Was that inappropriate?" he asked quietly.

They made a good couple, Adler decided. She hadn’t seen much, but she felt like it was the right statement to go by. She had gotten to know Tamura over the months, and thus she felt slightly protective over her friend—it was an instinct that was practically ingrained in her. She couldn’t help but listen to Crusoe’s movements, just so she could hear something

—there it was.

Adler restrained herself from asking about him; or more accurately, what he was made of. It would’ve come across as insensitive, and although she burned to ask, she would not ruin this party. She wasn’t privy to that sort of information that was on file anyway.

Her face turned down into a grimace at his words, not particularly fond of hearing what goes on in quarantine. She had heard stories, and none of them showed the appealing side of the field. “I can’t say that sounds pleasant,” She commented slightly, a smile appearing on her face again. “I think I’ll stick to the ‘nuts and bolts’, as some put it. Do you always work in quarantine?” Adler spared a glance at Tamura, hoping that her friend would see she was trying to play nice.

Tamura glanced thankfully to Adler, recognizing the struggle her friend was overcoming. She nodded along as Adler answered Crusoe, feeling a small sense of accomplishment at how well things were going so far, despite the fact that it had only really been less than five minutes since they all sat down. 

At Adler’s final query, Tamura instinctively piped up with,

"Yes— They always make him…” She frowned a little bit, thinking back to the times she had to wait weeks for her husband to come back home, without even the option of visiting him during her breaks. She paused her train of thought, suddenly realizing she had spoken for Crusoe instead, turning red at her own rudeness.

 ”S-Sorry…” She paused, then added, ” ...dear." Remembering that they had to actually act like a married couple around others in order to keep up their facade. 

"Kaylee is kind of the heart of the piece. That is to say, when she believes a thing, I believe it. When Jewel says, ‘This person is a good person’, I’m like, ‘Yes, because you think so.’ She’s supposed to be the soul of the ship." - Joss Whedon


when you finally receive an ask during one of those ask games


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fandoms come and go but star trek is forever

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